Distinguished Teaching Award in STEM Education

Call for Submissions for NCABR K-16 STEM Teaching Award

The following applies to the Bridging the Gap conference to be held on October 24-25, 2017.

The North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research bestows its Distinguished Teaching Award in STEM Education to one or more recipients in the field of K–16 STEM education each year. The awards are designed to recognize educators at the elementary, middle and high school levels, and higher education faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The number of awards given each year is at the discretion of the Awards and Recognitions Committee.

Each award consists of:

  • Complimentary registration to the current year’s Bridging the Gap STEM education conference (registrations will be refunded for awardees who register and pay in advance);
  • $500 cash prize;
  • 1-year NCABR Individual Membership;
  • Recognition and award presentation at the Bridging the Gap conference; and
  • Letter of recognition to the awardee’s administration.

Definition of an educator:
It is the intent of the NCABR Distinguished Teaching Award in STEM Education to recognize those persons currently responsible for the day-to-day instruction of PK–16 students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. There is an assumption in this scenario that there will be an articulated curriculum and some type of assessment of learning. Therefore, nominees for this award may also include such individuals as teaching specialists, technology integration specialists, etc., for it is the duties and responsibilities of one’s job that define one’s role, rather than one’s title. However, if more than 75 percent of one’s responsibilities do not include the direct instruction of PK–16-age students, then the nomination for this award would not be appropriate.

The criteria to be considered by the committee are:

  • Effective planning skills;
  • Lesson presentation skills;
  • Ability to motivate and challenge students;
  • Professional contribution in science, technology engineering or math (e.g., publications, presentations); and
  • Participation in professional growth activities, leadership roles and involvement at professional meetings and conferences such as Bridging the Gap.

Nominations may be made by any member of the educational community (staff, faculty, administrators or students). Self-nominations are accepted as well. Finalists will be chosen and notified by September 1, 2017, and the winners will be publicly announced at the 2017 Bridging the Gap conference.


  • Nomination statement that includes a brief description of the nominee’s job responsibilities, accomplishments and examples of how the nominee meets at least three of the five criteria listed in the “Criteria for Selection” section. The format should adhere to the following guidelines: maximum 1,200 words, 12 pt. size font, Arial or Times New Roman font and 1″ margins.
  • Nominee resume or vitae outlining professional background and experience (including current contact information).
  • (Optional) Nominee’s sample of lesson plans and assessment tools with evidence of success.
  • Letters of recommendation (a minimum of two and maximum of three letters). The letters of recommendation should be from individuals and groups who are familiar with the nominee’s work. Letters should not exceed two pages each and must accompany the submission packet. Letters sent separately will not be considered. When possible, use letterhead. Make sure letters are signed and dated accordingly. Letters should reference nominee’s strengths, accomplishments and highlight his or her teaching or administration methods and experiences that directly connect to the application.

Upon receipt, all nominations become the property of NCABR and will not be returned. Late nomination forms will not be accepted. Completed nomination forms must be received by March 31, 2017. The nomination form and supporting documents may be submitted electronically. Alternatively, the nomination form may be printed and mailed with supporting documents to the address below.

Attn: DTA Committee
P.O. Box 19469
Raleigh, NC 27619-9469

Contact Virginia Crisp at virginia.crisp@ncabr.org or 919-785-1304