FBI Academic Biosecurity Workshop - 2012

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Many individuals and groups have expressed the intent to attack the U.S. with biological weapons. In order to further their plans, these individuals may target research laboratories, biotech companies, scientists and students to obtain seed stock or expertise.

The FBI Academic Biosecurity Workshop will promote a culture of responsibility and security by raising awareness of these and other biosecurity risks, from workplace violence to dual use research of concern. It will highlight the benefits of collaborating and coordinating expertise, which helps mitigate real and perceived obstacles and improves cooperation and communication between the scientific and security communities.

Establishing partnerships will enable the FBI to assist the scientific community in becoming more aware of threats and developing plans to respond to security issues. In turn, the FBI will be guided by scientists’ expertise on emerging trends and technologies and will be better able to protect the scientific community and prevent the exploitation and misuse of legitimate research.


Special Agent Jim Page

Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator, Charlotte Division

Edward H. You

Supervisory Special Agent
Biological Countermeasures Unit
FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate


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Event Details
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012
    1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  • North Carolina Biotechnology Center
    Research Triangle Park, N.C.
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  • Who It’s For
    – Responsible Officials
    – Biosafety Officials
    – Environmental health and safety officials
    – Institutional Officials
    – Primary Investigators/research directors
    – Laboratory supervisors/managers
    – Postgraduates, graduates and undergraduate students
    – Campus police
    – State and local police
    – Emergency/fire responders (including hazmat)
    – State and local public health
    – Office of Emergency Management
    – Human resources department
    – IT department
    – Office of General Counsel
    – Public Information Officials
    – Sponsored Programs Directors
    – Office of Sponsored Research