BRIDGING THE GAP 2022 Who is it for?


Access the cutting edge

Obtain practical guidance for incorporating STEM into your classroom with inquiry-based, hands-on activities you can implement immediately.

Explore unique sharing opportunities

Lend your voice to discussions of key challenges that straddle the worlds of K-12 and higher education, such as K-16 vertical alignment and defining what “college-ready” really means in STEM education.

Connect with leaders

Create new and lasting partnerships with higher education, industry and other STEM groups, such as museums, learning centers and economic development groups.

Tap into unexploited resources

Expand your potential by learning more about the STEM educational programs in development at North Carolina universities, centers and STEM organizations.

Learn ways to address everyday challenges

Participate in co-created sessions to develop solutions, discuss best practices and share lessons learned with other STEM stakeholders.


Enhance your teaching

Explore best practices in teaching STEM at the undergraduate level.

Secure the undergraduate STEM pipeline

Determine which recruiting strategies work, and which do not, when growing your program’s enrollment, and which strategies are effective in preventing STEM dropout in early higher education.

Understand today’s college freshman

Hear directly from high school educators about what you can expect from the class of 2021 as it relates to student learning styles, student knowledge base and student expectations for college.

Navigate the K-12 STEM standards

Learn how the Common Core, the Next Generation Science Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards are impacting student preparedness for academic rigor at the college level.

Give back and reach out: disseminate education resources to K-12 audiences

Give a 50-minute presentation that allows you to share your STEM education deliverables with K-12 educators.


Communicate your workforce needs

Connect with K-16 educators to discuss your current and future workforce needs.

Build strategic partnerships

Create lasting partnerships with higher education, government, K-12 education and other STEM groups.

Explore innovations for enhancing the STEM pipeline

Learn about new, innovative approaches to STEM education that strengthen the STEM pipeline and create a workforce with the skills for the jobs of the future.

Focus philanthropic investments and learn from other leaders

Learn from other business leaders and experience examples of philanthropic investments in K-16 education to inform your decision-making about corporate investitures.

Provide opportunities for STEM stakeholders to engage with industry

Connect with K-12 educators, government officials and higher education researchers who seek opportunities to work with business leaders to address the tough challenges in STEM education.


Discover current needs of industry

Connect with industry leaders from across North Carolina to tap into their needs regarding educational preparation.

Listen to how policy is affecting teachers

Hear directly from educators and administrators about how governmental policy translates into action in the classroom.

Explore STEM education resources

Experience the latest STEM education teaching tools developed by K-12 educators, college and university faculty, industry professionals and other STEM groups.


Showcase your resources

Introduce K-12 educators and others to the wealth of STEM resources available from informal educators and those running out-of-school educational programs, learning centers, economic development groups and other STEM groups.

Integrate your resources into traditional learning experiences

Show K-12 educators and others how to use Citizen Science and other innovative programs in the traditional classroom setting.

Learn what teachers think is important

Hear directly from teachers about their experiences, needs and expectations to help inform your programming and investments.

Connect with leaders and build meaningful relationships, including partnerships for grant applications

Connect with educators, business leaders, government officials and higher education researchers looking for opportunities to work collaboratively to address tough challenges in STEM education.

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