What is an Institutional Member?

An organization that conducts biomedical research and/or generates biomedical research-based sales.


Academic institutions, government entities, nonprofit research organizations, industry (including, but not limited to, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical/ biotechnology/biomanufacturing companies)

Calculate Your Dues

A formula is used to establish a base dues level for the first year of membership. This amount adjusts with inflation in subsequent years. Membership is valid for NCABR’s fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

How to Join

To join NCABR as an Institutional Member, please complete the registration form and mail it, along with your dues payment, to the address listed on the form.

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Membership Benefits
  • Access to NCABR member network of public information, security and veterinary contacts

  • Crisis support, including (a) assessment of vulnerabilities and risks, (b) development of incident reduction and response strategy, (c) support for individual researchers being targeted, (d) advice on media relations and (e) crisis planning and communications materials

  • Input into development of member and advocacy programs

  • Invitations to NCABR member programs and public outreach events

  • Invitation to NCABR annual meeting

  • Free advocacy materials

  • Acknowledgement by NCABR in electronic and print collateral

Current Members & Partners

Visit our Members & Partners page for a list of all our current organizational supporters.